Family law and our code of conduct as a Resolution member.

Dealing with separation and divorce is one of the most immensely difficult things we can ever go through. Emotions are high, with grief, pain, fear and loss figuring prominently. Even should the two clientsagree, the changes can be overwhelming. There can be untold pressures on the family, both on adults and any children or young people involved.

Divorce costs could increase post-Brexit

Examining how Brexit may impact upon divorce process for separating couples.

Consultation on marriage reforms

The recent case (R (Harrison and others) v Secretary of State for Justice [2020] EWHC 2096) highlights the problem facing many couples who feel they cannot choose to marry as they would wish.

Advanced hybrid practice in family mediation

As the family court system is facing further delays due to the restrictions brought into place from lockdown, Family law professionals are embracing new ways of working. One such way to work is using a hybrid model, integrating safe practice but family lawyers, where appointed, have a more direct and constructive role in the process. Resolution state that within careful boundaries, the model allows for more flexibility and creativity.

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