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Recent case demonstrates how to divide pensions fairly following divorce

Dividing pensions fairly after divorce is frequently a key concern to separating couples. Understandably tensions can be high as fears for ones future and provision in older age can be brought to the fore.

Looking to the future with Private Financial Dispute Resolutions and Family Arbitration

The COVID-19 Pandemic has applied greater pressure to an already swamped family court system. Alternative forms of dispute resolution can increasingly come to the fore.

What problems and disputes to Family Law courts deal with?

There are alternatives to court and it is not always the best option for settling family law disputes.

Special Guardianship Orders - their use and role

The President of the Family Division of the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary, Sir Andrew McFarlane has considered the role and nature of Special Guardianship Orders (SGO).

Appeal rejected over the fairness of a hybrid hearing when Barrister cannot be present in person

Considering fairness in family courts when the leading counsel cannot be physically present because she is required to shield.

Pension apportionment and meeting client needs following divorce

Understandably, the division of future or current pensions can be a contentious issue to separating couples.

How to select a family law solicitor

The SRA (Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority) are the body responsible for maintaining a register of all solicitors and firms authorised to practice.

New divorce and separation-related private law applications received by CAFCASS dropped markedly this May

Impact of COVID-19 seen to be having a marked impact on public and private law applications.

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