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Cafcass issues revised protocols for seeing children and families during the Covid-19 pandemic

Cafcass notes that in many circumstances it is essential for a child to see a Family Court Adviser in-person,

Report from the Ministry of Justice Expert Panel on Harm in the Family Courts

The recent report aimed to assess the risk of harm to children and parents in private law children cases

Family stresses and tension during lockdown - record number of calls to NSPCC

The NSPCC and Children’s Society have called on the Government for more help.

Is technology the solution to improving access to family law services?

Improving access to family legal services has long been a goal for ensuring a fairer and more just legal system. Delays and costs can unfortunately hinder many accessing the legal support they need.

When a Prenuptial Agreement collides with bankruptcy, what is a fair outcome in a family law court?

The recent case of S v H [2020] EWFC B16 has given all family law practitioners a chance to re-assess prenuptial agreements. This includes considering what is fair and just in light of divorce or separation, particularly when one client/party may become bankrupt or insolvent.

Proud to announce out new improved larger office space in Canterbury!

A first glimpse at our new expansive office space in Canterbury, also located at the innovation centre - perfect for social distancing!

Sneak peek at our new green and bright, smart family law offices in Canterbury, Kent...

A new bright location for efficient and economical family dispute resolution.

Recent case G v T [2020] EWHC 1613 (Fam) looks determining the value of businesses as assets when deciding maintenance

Deciding how equity and assets will be split following a separation and divorce case can be a stressful experience for all. Spousal and child maintenance, pension division and future changes to support arrangements all need to be taken into account to give a fair solution to all.

£142m pledged to improve 100 courts

The prime minister has announced £142m to digitally upgrade and maintain around 100 courts as part of a £5bn coronavirus recovery plan.

Separating couple/ divorce case review - Should English or Scottish courts decide maintenance arrangements?

A recent case has involved an appeal concerning the interpretation of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (Maintenance) Regulations 2011.

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