Stresses and strains on the family court system taking a toll on families

Stresses and strains on the family court system taking a toll on families

An article in The Times newspaper dated 08/10/2020 discusses the shortfall in court time, lengthy waiting lists and the impact this has on families.

Many people rely on the family court system for settling disputes arising from divorce, including disputes around finances, assets and child arrangements.

This article in The Times outlines some of the devastating effects to individuals that delays in the family court system are having. This includes stress and other health problems, which has led to clients seeking medication or therapy to help deal with the repercussions of the uncertainty.

One of the ways we work is to offer alternative dispute resolution. These include alternatives to the traditional family court system. Going to court may not be the best option in all circumstances. Others methods including family mediation, family arbitration and Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR). Some types of mediation (shuttle mediation) means that you need to have direct face-to-face contact with your previous partner.

Family courts were already under strain prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is to be hoped that some cases can be resolved more efficiently and with correspondingly less strain by using alternative dispute resolution methods.

The Times article can be accessed through this link, note that the content is behind a paywall.

You can read more about alternatives to going to court at Resolution’s website at this link. Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.