Advanced hybrid practice in family mediation

Advanced hybrid practice in family mediation

As the family court system is facing further delays due to the restrictions brought into place from lockdown, Family law professionals are embracing new ways of working. One such way to work is using a hybrid model, integrating safe practice but family lawyers, where appointed, have a more direct and constructive role in the process. Resolution state that within careful boundaries, the model allows for more flexibility and creativity.

An exciting new way of working is to use a model which allows those who might otherwise litigate, go to court, or who are reluctant to engage in traditional mediation processes to use an alternative dispute resolution process. The aim is to help people, in this case frequently separating couples, resolve their issues in an approach which is:

  • Safe,
  • Confidential and
  • Supported by contemporaneous legal advice.

Henry Brown, who established Resolution’s original mediation training and who developed and used this family model of mediation over 15-20 years, says: ‘This model enhances practice and is ethically sound, it provides what many couples want and need, and it is essential in some cases. I would not now mediate without having the ability to work in this way’

Last year, we were privileged in being able to co-host Henry Brown for our training day, on high conflict dispute resolution.

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