We comply with SRA Transparency Rules by providing clarity on our fees.  Do enquire if you need more information.

Family Mediation

A first separate/individual client mediation appointment is £150 each. This is for a one hour appointment. No VAT is charged.  Joint mediation appointments are charged at an hourly rate of £300 (£150 for each client).

Wills & Probate

We charge £200 per will (£300 for spouse or partner mirror wills), lasting power of attorney £150 each, plus registration fee £82 each. Probate fees - to be charged at an hourly rate of £300. No VAT is charged. 

Family Arbitration & Financial Dispute Resolution (FDRs)

FDRs and Arbitration - prices upon enquiry. No VAT is charged.

Family Law

Our rates are £300 hourly. No VAT is charged.

We look forward to assisting you.  Please do enquire for further information.

All work is undertaken by fully qualified, accredited professionals who are registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, accredited with Resolution and holding Law Society panel accreditations.

Our People

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Nigel Clarke

Family Arbitrator, Collaborative Solicitor, Accredited Family Mediator.

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