Family Mediation

Our Accredited Family Mediation Service

As an experienced Accredited Family Mediator, Nigel Clarke is able to offer a comprehensive accredited family mediation service from smart, dedicated offices throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

We are proud to also be recognised by Resolution (a community of family justice professionals committed to resolving family disputes constructively) as one of few practitioners qualified to offer Hybrid Mediation.  This new service, at the very forefront of advances in family law, combines sensitivity and confidentiality with a highly focussed approach to conflict resolution.  Separating couples may remain apart should they choose and can be supported by lawyers.  It can prove useful in high conflict cases, or where there may be a power imbalance.  Do ask us to find out more about this innovative and specialised service.

Family Mediation is a very good and cost effective process for many clients. 

Nigel is there to help clients sort out future arrangements for their children and finances in a way that is highly cost effective and in a way that feels fair, practical and long lasting. Many couples do prefer to try to sort out problems that commonly arise from the breakdown in a relationship through the family mediation process rather than face the potential stress, trauma, delay and expense that can arise through going to Court.

Family Mediation is a problem solving process. 

Clients facing separation or divorce are supported and are helped to think about their future living apart and so they may begin to think about how best to achieve this in a fair and appropriate way. As a Family Mediator Nigel is there to help both clients and will help clients talk through and identify problems or worries that may need to be resolved.

As an Accredited Collaborative Solicitor and Accredited Family Arbitrator, Nigel is also very well placed to able to provide information about different options, what the law says and what may happen in a particular set of circumstances. A wide range of problems can be resolved, including making future living arrangements for your children and sorting out financial arrangements, whether to do with income, property or pensions, as well as the practicalities of separation and divorce. Clients are helped to make their own decisions in a safe and neutral environment with full help and support.

Family Mediation sessions can be arranged at one of our smart offices in Canterbury, Tenterden, Teddington and with a new office to open shortly in Chichester. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact Nigel Clarke.

Fees - A first separate/individual client mediation appointment is £150 each.  This is for a one hour appointment.  No VAT is charged.

Joint mediation appointments are charged at an hourly rate of £300 (£150 for each client).

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