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Finding a family law professional to suit your needs

All Resolution members sign up to an ethical Code of Practice committing to a non-confrontational approach to helping resolve family issues. This aims to take the blame, stress and shame out of separation or dispute resolution and find a brighter future, including for any children.

Applying for a 'no fault' divorce under the new legislation

Finalising your divorce used to be called the decree Nisi. Under the new legislation, this is now called a ‘final order.’

Voice of the child in family mediation

Including children in some of the decisions that must be taken whilst you are establishing how your new life will look post divorce or separation can be known as considering the ‘voice of the child’.

The ‘traffic light model’ has been useful to help make decisions in family mediation.

What is the family court?

The court structure in the UK can seem confusing at first glance. It is important to note that the justice system has evolved organically over one thousand years, rather than being designed from scratch.

Divorces fell during the first year of the Covid pandemic

Official statistics show that divorces were down 4.5% in the 2020, reports the Evening Standard.

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