Wonderful Wetlands, Wildfowl & Wills

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is one of the world’s largest, most respected wetland conservation organisations working globally to safeguard and improve wetlands for wildlife and people.

Founded in 1946 by Sir Peter Scott, today the Trust undertakes wetland conservation work worldwide with a wonderful network of Visitor Centres comprising globally important wetland habitats.

All of the Trust’s work is supported by a much valued membership base of over 200,000 people and their purpose is to raise awareness of the value of wetlands to life on Earth, identify and counter threats to the survival of wetlands and their wildlife and inspire people of all ages to explore and value wetland conservation.

When Sir Peter Scott founded the Trust his ideas were unique. He was the first to recognise the wisdom of a combined approach, taking action to save wetlands and wildlife whilst encouraging people to care about the natural world. He pioneered the notion that conservation education should be uplifting, fun for people of all ages and that wetlands are places to enjoy as well as respect. Sir Peter’s principles remain at the core of WWT’s work today and central to their future plans.

Anyone who has visited one of the WWT’s inspiring centres around the UK cannot fail to have been inspired by the wonderful work that is undertaken and all will have come away feeling inspired and uplifted.

November Make a Will Month

The month of November sees the WWT offer an excellent initiative. Whether you are considering making a will for the first time, or have an existing Will that requires amending, WWT Will Month 2013 is the perfect opportunity to have this done free of charge, and to support WWT at the same time.

How does it work?

Select a participating Solicitor and contact them to make your appointment and mention that you are taking part in WWT Will Month. Your chosen solicitor will draft your will or an amendment (codicil) to your existing Will. They will advise on all you need to take into consideration to take care of your loved ones This is all done free of charge for a basic Will by your solicitor. All the WWT ask is that you consider making a donation to the WWT. Their suggested donation is £40 for a codicil, £90 for a single will or £135 for a pair of basic mirror or matching wills. All donations you make will support your local WWT wetland centre.

A big thank you to all of you that take part

Your support helps WWT continue its work to save wetlands for the wildlife and people that depend upon them. For any questions about WWT Will Month contact David Salmon on 01453 891150 or email david.salmon@wwt.org.uk or to make an appointment contact Nigel Clarke at Johnson Clarke Solicitors.