Justice Week Review - at Kent and Surrey Family Resolution: Family and Children's Law Solicitors in Canterbury, Teddington and Tenterden.

Why do we need the public to be educated in justice and the law?

Last week (from 24th February to 1st March) was Justice Week in the UK. This relatively new initiative was set up in 2018 and is promoted by the Law Society, the Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

The aim of Justice Week 2020 was to improve access to justice by boosting the profile of justice and the rule of law, placing them at the centre stage of public and political debate.

Lack of justice and neglecting the rule of law can undermine the society in which we all live. In our day to day lives we often take both for granted: we all have a sense of fairness and feel slighted or wronged if we are treated unjustly. However, the truth is that ever increasingly justice and the rule of law face major threats. This can anything from cuts to spending, to attacks on the judiciary. This undermines our democracy, society, business and ability to defend the causes we care about the most. It is a threat to the world which we all share.

Now we are more interconnected that ever, access to justice and rights for all, whatever our status, becomes ever more important. This is particularly true for the most vulnerable in society, those who may lack the finances or the knowledge to access justice, redress wrongs and have their cause heard.

Part of the programme of Justice Week was to highlight to young people the rule of law as fundamental to our lives and freedoms, not the enemy. One way to do this is to educate the public to understanding and appreciating how the law protects rights and freedoms.

The Law Society’s head of justice, Richard Miller, explored present perceptions of the law and judges in particular in his article on the Law Society website.

In it he focusses on how the rule of law benefits us all. He also explains how judges are to protect rights and freedoms that underpin our democracy, not the enemy of the people. He also discusses the current buzzwords: ‘a public legal education.’ The article states that ‘campaigns to educate people about legal issues are a practical and powerful way to increase public understanding. They can show people the contribution that solicitors and the legal profession make’.

Justice Week is one way to highlight just how crucial the law is and far from being the enemy, it is essential and can be our best support and safeguard.