Covid-19 Statement and updates

At Kent & Surrey Family Resolution we are continuing to assess the developing situation in relation to Covid-19.

We are reviewing the situation daily and will continue to take advice and follow guidance from the Government, Solicitors Regulation Authority and The Law Society.

Currently all our offices are closed to personal callers but we are operating remotely and we are still able to assist and support you.

All of our systems are cloud based, and as such we are able to work remotely so we will continue to operate as normally as possible.

However, we will be implementing the following procedures:

We will offer our clients the option of telephone / skype conferences rather than face to face meetings where possible;

For the foreseeable future and to reduce the risks we will be asking that correspondence and documents are sent by email where possible and will not be accepting hard copies unless strictly necessary;

We ask clients who have bookings with us, and that have suffered or a suffering symptoms of Covid-19, to declare this information to us beforehand.

Health and Safety

No doubt you will already be aware of key measures to be taken to protect yourself and your staff, and customers and suppliers you are in physical contact with.

You will undoubtedly have already read much on this topic so we will not cover it again here. If needed, further advice is contained in the government guidance at


At least in the short term it is becoming increasingly clear that the human and economic impact will be significant.

Most of all we hope to be able support you as best as we can even if the government implements more stringent measures and court hearings are reduced or cancelled.

We will be able to offer assistance by:

Possibly attending courts by telephone / skype although this may not always be possible;

Conducting conferences via telephone or skype;

Offering Mediation Intake Appointments / MIAMs via skype ;

Communicating by email and telephone and giving advice by email.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will provide regular updates where possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes

Kent & Surrey Family Resolution