Child protection at heart of family courts review

Child protection at heart of family courts review

The Ministry of Justice has announced that a review will examine how courts balance child safety and right to family life.

As part of government’s major overhaul of the family courts to better protect victims, independent experts will represent the views of victims, families and professionals.

The review will consider how the current approach to decisions on parental access made in the family courts is impacting child safety. This is part of the next step forward for government’s wider plans to reform family courts and bring in greater protections for domestic abuse victims.

The review builds on this action and will assess whether the right balance is being struck in private law cases between the risk of harm to a child and their right to have a relationship with both parents.

Currently, the presumption of ‘parental involvement’ which the courts are required to follow in their judgements encourages a child’s relationship with both parents, unless the involvement would put the child at risk of harm.

You can read the GOV.UK press release through this link for more information.