Divorce and Form E

Divorce and Form E

You have to fill in a financial statement, otherwise known as a ‘Form E’ if you are going to court in England or Wales to get a financial order. This can be important after you have split up with your ex-husband, ex-wife or ex-civil partner.

Your family solicitor can help you fill in this form as it can seem complicated and take time to gather all the evidence required. It is also important that it is completed as honestly and accurately as possible.

Form E includes some general details about yourself, any children, education arrangements, living arrangements, court cases and health needs.

It mostly concerns gathering detailed financial disclosure (pensions, bank accounts and mortgages, employment and investments for instance), to ensure a fair outcome and resolution.

You will then be asked your needs, what financial income needs and capital (car, house) you will require.

Remember - should you not have any valuable possessions and only a small amount of savings then it will probably take you less time to complete your Form E. The same applies if you are an employee or on state benefits.

Not all the sections may apply to you on a Form E. You can write or type not applicable in the sections that do not apply to your circumstances.

Advice Now - short film on filling in a Form E, please note this is not a substitute for legal advice