Family Mediation Week, 18-22 January 2021

Family Mediation Week, 18-22 January 2021

Along with Resolution, we support family mediation week, which ran earlier this year on January. The aim was to raise awareness of mediation and how it can help separating families manage their issues collaboratively and productively.

It is sad that many couples going through a separation or divorce are not aware that family mediation is an option for them. They might also be unaware of the advantages of mediation over its alternatives.

Family Mediation week aims to increase awareness as to the benefits of family mediation as an alternatively to divorce through the family courts.

You can read more at the dedicated Family Mediation Week website at this link.

This link includes resources such as:

  • Explaining family mediation – answer your questions and debunk the myths
  • Help separating couples decide whether mediation is for them
  • Discuss the benefits of family mediation
  • Connect separating couples with mediation professionals