Mediating remotely, including family hybrid mediation

Mediating remotely, including family hybrid mediation

One of the attractive features of family mediation and the new model of family hybrid mediation is their ease of adaptation to remote working.

Like traditional family mediation, hybrid mediating can take place remotely, using videoconferencing software. This means you can use the service from your own home and do not need to to travel to our offices.

Many are attracted by the flexibility and adaptability of the mediation models, whilst they main professional, legal and robust. For traditional mediation, remote meetings can be with both clients on Skype, Zoom or Teams or with the mediator seeing clients in different virtual rooms, if you prefer not to be face-to-face on the screen.

In the remote meetings for family hybrid mediation, the mediator can meet with the two instructed solicitors and the clients individually. This can be with their solicitors alongside if required.

Meetings can be arranged as frequently or infrequently as required and relevant documents are scanned and emailed securely to all professionals and clients involved. This minimises any stressful delays and ensures confidentiality.

The process can be swift and resolution can be formalised without additional troubles. When the clients are able to reach a set of proposals with which they are happy to move forwards, the solicitors can advise and, if agreement is reached, immediately draft an order by consent.