Digital divorce delays being addressed on HMCTS system

The UK government has been told to use the delayed introduction of long-awaited divorce reforms to ensure its digital platform ‘My HMCTS’ is fit for purpose.

The Law Gazette has reported this week on the changes that would allow couples to divorce without assigning blame. The changes provisions under the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act were due to commence this autumn 2021 but have been put back. This will allow the digital system used for divorce to accommodate the change.

Nigel Shepherd, former chair of Resolution, said: ‘Our members’ experience of using online forms and processes has not been universally positive, and so it is essential that the IT is fit for purpose in order to ensure the new divorce process works the way it is intended.’

The Law Society president Stephanie Boyce was disappointed at the delay but acknowledged it would better to have a working system in place rather than forging ahead when there are known issues.

Law Gazette - ‘HMCTS urged to fix digital divorce issues during reform wait’ can be read through this link.