Consultation launched on modernising lasting power of attorney

Consultation launched on modernising lasting power of attorney

The Government has announced it will run a consultation focussing on a number of proposals that have been developed to modernise lasting powers of attorney.

The Ministry of Justice is looking at working to modernise lasting power of attorney (LPA). The aims of this work are to:

  • Increase safeguards, especially for the donor
  • Improve the process of making and registering an LPA for donors, attorneys and third parties
  • Achieve sustainability for Office of the Public Guardian whilst keeping LPAs as affordable as possible for all people in society

The consultation recognises clients increasingly want to access services digitally, with digital channels providing many opportunities to improve access and speed of service. However they also require careful thought around safeguards put in place in such systems.

Furthermore, creating a modern LPA service will require changes to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the supporting secondary legislation.

You can read more on the consultation at the GOV.UK website through this link.