CSA Cases and debts - update on statistics.

CSA Cases and debts - update on statistics.

The number of Child Support Agency (CSA) cases held on Child Maintenance Service (CMS) IT systems decreased from 51,600 in December 2020 to 44,900 in March 2021.

The amount of CSA debt held on CMS IT systems has decreased from £348.8 million in December 2020 to £310 million in March 2021.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) was set up in 1993 and in 2012 the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) was created to replace the CSA, where child maintenance is financial support between separated parents to help with the everyday costs of looking after children.

Between 13 December 2018, when the compliance and arrears strategy work started, and 31 March 2021:

  • The CSA has written to 251,900 parents with care to ask if they want a last attempt to be made to try to collect the debt owed to them - this includes all 134,700 parents with an eligible case on the CSA system and 117,200 parents with a case on the CMS system

  • 33,400 case groups have reached the debt collection stage. They have completed representation, parents have requested debt collection and attempts to collect the arrears have commenced. For 27,200 of those case groups, collection or write off of arrears is either partially or fully completed - £51.6 million of debt has been collected to date

  • 604,600 cases with non-paying historical debt have had their debt written off- system records showed these cases had a total debt value of £2,028.5 million, of which £854.7 million was owed to government only.

The parent with care (PWC) is the parent with the main day to day care of the children. The non-resident parent (NRP) is the parent who does not have day to day care of the children.

Some CSA historical debt balances are adjusted either because the debt has already been paid, or it was created in error. Some CSA historical debt is written off, either because the parent with care has told us they do not want this debt or did not respond to the representation letter, it would cost more to collect the debt than it is worth or it has been deemed uncollectable.

Representation is the process of writing to parents to ask if they want us to make a last attempt at collecting the debt owed to them, where it is cost effective to do so.

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