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Central Family Court to pass important judgment on Bride Price or Mahr in the UK.

A landmark judgement regarding ‘bride price’ in the UK is due, the Guardian Newspaper reports.

Cohabiting couples - did you the law doe not recognise this status?

Even if a couple has lived together for years or have children, there is no legal recognition as a couple, making it very difficult to claim a share in the family home ora partner’s finances if a couple splits up.

HMCTS looks at altering probate service

Efforts are being made my HMCTS to improve and modernise the probate service. This comes ahead of a proposed fee increase.

39% not aware of Alternative Dispute Resolution options existing at the time of their divorce

Shocking statistics have found that 39% of respondents were not aware of Alternative Dispute Resolution existing as a choice at the time of their divorce.

Flexible working arrangements for solicitors to meet client need

Clients continue to select Zoom and videoconferencing remote appointments rather than face to face in person work.

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