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Staying cybersecure when using family law firms

Many scam messages can be very hard to spot. They are designed to get you to react without thinking and may target the enhanced fear and worry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alternatives to going to Family Court

If you are dealing with family breakdown or divorce, the legal process and potential alternatives to family court may be playing on your mind as possibilities.

Family Lawyers unite to back children's right to maintenance across Europe

Family lawyers across Europe have backed the UK’s accession to the Lugano Convention.

Family courts to retain current practice with no major changes from July

Sir Andrew McFarlane, the president of the family division of the courts spoke about the impact of ‘Freedom Day’ when Covid restrictions were lifted.

Digital divorce from September

Our firm already uses the My HMCTS digital divorce service, but soon this will be the only route to apply for divorce in England and Wales.

Government plans to extend bereavement support to cohabiting couples with children

The Department for Work and Pensions has set out plans to allow cohabiting couples to access bereavement benefits.

Debate as Government set to increase probate fees

The Law Gazette has reported that probate fees are set to rise as the government ‘seeks extra £25 million a year’.

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