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Things to look for when seeking a fair decision on finances or child arrangements following divorce or separation

Wondering what path to take for fair and balanced dispute solutions in family law can be tough. We can be left feeling alone and uncertain.

Call for cleaner Magistrates' Courts

The Criminal Bar Association to ‘push for improvements and safety measures similar to those being considered for the Crown court.’

A recent court decision highlights arbitration awards on divorce related financial disputes as final and binding

The recent case proceedings bring to light the binding nature of arbitration awards. In most cases courts will not intervene.

Compensation and relationship generated disadvantage in family law cases

In the case of separating couples, will an individual be awarded renumeration for foregoing a career in order to be a homemaker and/or raise children?

Changes to probate process may become permanent - Courts and Justice Tribunals Family Division Update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the President of the Family Division of the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary, Sir Andrew McFarlane, authorised the use of statements of truth as a replacement for affidavits.

Electronic bundles for the age of videoconferencing and remote courts

In the age of Covid-19, remote family law courts have meant that paperless working has come to the forefront. This includes e-bundles, or electronic bundles.

'But what does that mean?!' Legal Jargon Explained

From disbursement to executors, from conveyancing to arbitration…

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