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Delays to family courts hearing cases continue during COVID Pandemic

Is alternative dispute resolution the way forward to deal with backlog of family court cases and increasing difficulty in accessing justice for families?

Complaints and feedback

Clients are always free to contact us with any query or are dissatisfied with the service that they receive from us. This is also mentioned in our Terms of Business, which is provided to all clients at the start of our working together.

How Cafcass are working with children and families in family court during the pandemic

Cafcass have stated that they are currently using both remote video technology and in-person visits to speak with children.

Spotlight on Pensions after divorce or separation

One case that may be considered by us as family lawyers or arbitrators is when a pension scheme is in financial difficulty. How then to fairly divide pension assets between separating couples?

Financial remedies on divorce

As Family Law Practitioners, we must consider the recent advice and findings from the highly informed and respected Pensions Advisory Group.

Establishing the true facts - Court Order set aside after dispute over property division

A recent case heard by Zoom conference call in the family court, JB v DB [2020] EWHC 2301 (Fam), considered whether a court order should be set aside.

Complexity added to child return order by asylum application in recent case.

The recent judgement in the family court (citation - [2020] EWHC 2394 (Fam)) demonstrated the complex nature of cases the family court can handle.

The case here related to child return orders and asylum applications.

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