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Mediating remotely, including family hybrid mediation

One of the attractive features of family mediation and the new model of family hybrid mediation is their ease of adaptation to remote working.

Paying court fees - what of I cannot afford to pay family court fees?

You may be aware a set of revised fees for the Family and Civil Courts came into force on 18 May 2021.

New clauses would 'mean judges must consider interests of children when sentencing mother'

A UK Parliamentary committee has been considering the rights of children whose mothers are in prison.

Experts roles in the family justice system

Addressing the shortage of expert witnesses in the family court

Help prevent cybercrime: Solicitor scam alerts

The SRA scam alerts can warn you about people who call themselves solicitors but are not.

How to find a trustworthy, accredited family law professional

If you are looking for support with an area of family law, Resolution provide a helpful directory of professionals who meet accreditation standards.

Guidance for remote hearings in the Family Court

Hearings in the Family Court are increasingly being held remotely by telephone or on video conferencing software.

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